Stock Market Trading Tips like buying low and selling high in the same day.
OptionsTrading Tips like getting in at dimes and out with quarters
Covered Calls such as taking a long term option and selling short term options against
Buy To Open such as buying a new position
Buy To Close such as closing an open position
Sell To Open such as selling a short term or long term security against a long term or established security ownership
Sell To Close - Selling a security to close a position that was originally bought against an established long term option or ownership security like shares.

Every Average Joe needs to learn how to be a fantastic trader, in fact, that's how we started. We are also an average Joe, and when we started Trading, people called us, specifically me, TraderJoe, and so, the term was coined, and we made a living doing this for years.
Now, we want to teach what we've learned through these last 20 years of wall street trading because not only it keeps us practicing, but its our way to paying it forward, helping people that don't understand the complicated ways of trading the markets.

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